Since it was first, Hongo-tei has continued to refine its RAMEN , the theme is “Comfortableness ”

Filled with comfortableness...... To good taste, satisfaction,aftertaste and creating atmosphere in the store, Always thinking about “people” before and after meals, Research the taste, take up someone's rime and research again. We will provide a shop that “Extraordinary” for all costomers, through RAMEN while thinking every day. While doing this every day, we provide “ Comfortableness ” through RAMEN.

Commitment to “ Comfortableness ” We will continue to refine for a better tasting.

In Hongo-tei, we have been studying the people who eat, Trial and error have been done to balance all 『taste』『quantity』, 『rich flavor』,『body』and『satisfaction』. Please enjoy
“ Comfortableness ” during a meal and after meals as well as “deliciousness” that Hongo-tei has studied for many years.